A home network allows you to share a single internet connection, as well as data and devices, between multiple devices. I’ll review the basics components of a home network and some steps to take as your network grows. You just bought your second computer. Perhaps you got a smart TV, light switch, video- streaming box, or Echo or Echo-like device. Whatever the device, you want to connect it to the internet. Already have a network, but not sure how to grow it? That ethernet is then connected to a router. Routers control two important things. Each of your devices need an ethernet adapter.

How to hook up synths to external sound card

If the home is not wired for Ethernet and there are several devices which need to be connected to home network then connecting them trough router to router wireless bridge is a good idea. You can opt to use wireless adapters, also known as wireless gaming adapters. You will need one adapter for each device that needs to be connected.

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Although organizations can use Remote Desktop to access and perform actions on a remote workstation, that doesn’t enable a user to obtain files from the PC. Business owners who want to allow workers to connect to each other’s computers and access or collaborate on important documents can set up a homegroup to connect computers together. Connect to your router’s network. Click “Start,” type “homegroup” into the search box and either press “Enter” or select “HomeGroup” from the search results.

Click “Create a Homegroup. Write down or print out the password. Click “Finish” to set up the homegroup on the workstation. Click “Turn On Password Protected Sharing” to prevent unauthorized users from accessing files and devices on the computer. Open HomeGroup on the other computer. Click “Join Now” and select all of the options. Click “Next” and “Finish” to add the workstation to the homegroup.


A crossover cable helps to connect two computers for transfer of data. You can share games, movies, songs etc. Additionally you can play your favorites games in LAN.

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Twisted pair[ edit ] Twisted pair cabling with the ubiquitous “RJ ” 8P8C modular connector is a form of wiring in which pairs of wires the forward and return conductors of a single circuit are twisted together for the purposes of canceling out electromagnetic interference EMI from other wire pairs and from external sources.

This type of cable is used for home and corporate Ethernet networks. Twisted pair cabling is used in short patch cables and in the longer runs in structured cabling. An Ethernet crossover cable is a type of twisted pair Ethernet cable used to connect computing devices together directly that would normally be connected via a network switch , Ethernet hub or router , such as directly connecting two personal computers via their network adapters.

Optical fiber deployment is more expensive than copper but offers higher bandwidth and can cover longer distances. Coaxial[ edit ] Coaxial cables form a transmission line and confine the electromagnetic wave inside the cable between the center conductor and the shield. The transmission of energy in the line occurs totally through the dielectric inside the cable between the conductors. Coaxial lines can therefore be bent and twisted subject to limits without negative effects, and they can be strapped to conductive supports without inducing unwanted currents in them.

In the 20th century the L-carrier system used coaxial cable for long-distance calling.

Twisted Pair Ethernet (10baseT/UTP)

NET client and listener classes to connect to any computer on any IP address located anywhere on the planet. The catch is you will need to know the IP address of the other machine and it will need to accept connections from you. If the other machine is behind a firewall, things get more difficult.

On the Basic Settings tab, select Wireless Mode.

I’m not quite sure I understand We’ve already got one active modem Will Cox allow only one active cable modem on a basic internet plan like I have, or what does the Cox. My internet connection is fine. I really just want to block any other router than the first one from connecting to the internet. I want to block the 2nd router from connecting to the internet. Will this happen automatically?

My problem is that another resident in my home wants to plug-in a 2nd cable modem in the bedroom. I don’t want this. I only want one cable modem active and usable in my home. I don’t need or want ethernet connections in each room, though that sounds fast. Those residents in those rooms use only iPads and tablets, so ethernet wouldn’t work. My internet is fine as is– I just want to block any other routers from connecting to my internet service other than the router Cox gave me.

If we plug-in a supported 2nd router and have 2 routers on at the same time, will both connect and have internet access?

How to connect two computers together by USB cable

How do computers connect to each other over the Internet? This book of rules dictates what each computer must do to transmit data, when to transmit data, how to transmit that data. It also states how to receive data in the same manner.

When the network is completed you can specify specific drives or directories to be shared with other computers on your LAN under “sharing” which will appear under the pull-down “file” menu.

I figured the two would both attempt to pull to their respective voltage resulting in some voltage in the middle until one or the other or both have a fatal issue. The only way it could be 12V for both in parallel is if the 5V source had infinite internal resistance. I am no expert on big PSUs like this and wasn’t sure if they have feedback circuity that attempted to lower the output voltage or not.

If both sources have equal internal resistance then the resultant voltage would be 8. This would apply for e. With two switching supplies though, as W5V0 has noted, the resultant voltage will likely be the higher of the two, as the lower rail cannot sink current due to the diode and will effectively look high impedance to the 12V rail.

Can I Hook Up 2 Computers Together

He’s got two laptops, that means two discrete computers each with their own screen, keyboard, and mouse: He doesn’t want to control the two laptops from one keyboard and mouse. He wants to be able to use one of the laptops as a second monitor for the other laptop. If it’s to review documentation on one screen while coding on the other, then Synergy is perfect – that’s what I use it for.

If he’s got an application that he wants spread across both screens, then obviously that won’t work.

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If you have a networking device like a router, hub or switch, you can get the computers to talk to each other, but it requires quite a bit of additional work file sharing, permissions, firewall configurations, etc. However, if you have a laptop or computer that has a wireless card and so does your buddy, you can use the cards to make a wireless connection between the two computers.

Once they are connected wirelessly also called a peer-to-peer ad-hoc wireless network , you can easily share data between the computers. Firstly, the speed of an ad-hoc network is normally less than that of a normal infrastructure network. Setting Up an ad hoc Network This tutorial will be written for Windows 7, but you can follow the same instructions for Windows 8 and Windows Vista.

On the next dialog, click on the Setup a new connection or network link towards the bottom. In the new connection dialog, scroll down till you see the Setup a wireless ad hoc computer-to-computer network option. Go ahead and click Next. Now you have to give the network a name, choose a security type and give it a security key. For the security key, you can choose from only three options: The default is WPA2-Personal, which is the strongest.

Go ahead and open your list of wireless networks and you should see your newly created one listed along with the rest of the wireless networks. Click on it to connect. You network is now ready to accept new connections.

How to Connect Two Computers Together With Ethernet Cable

An easier way is to simply create a homegroup if you are running Windows 7 or higher. In order for this setup to work, there are a few things you need to make sure are setup or configured properly. I will try to go through all the different steps in this article.

Wireless access point [ edit ] A wireless access point WAP or AP is a device that allows wireless communication devices to connect to a wireless network using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or related standards.

The cable is connected via an RJ connectors to the network card installed in the PC. These Twisted Pair cables connect now each PC to the ” hub “: Hubs are available in different configuration, with 4, 8, 12, 15 or 24 RJ connections and most models offer also a BNC-connector for connection of a 10base2 Thin Ethernet cable.

Twisted Pair versus Coax: If the hub has only regular connectors, the cable MUST be a cross-cable! However, some hubs offer special connectors for use of ‘Standard’ cables to connect between hubs that depends on the hub, check the hub’s manual or a switch, able to select: Have a look at the back of your hub: For even larger networks, more hubs are required: Again, watch out for the type of cable required to connect the hubs. Often , you find a combination of Twisted-Pair and Thin Ethernet 10base2 cabling: When connecting just 2 PC’s together, there is a possibility to do it without a hub:

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