Fishing at Genesee River (Upper), New York State

Information about fishing at Genesee River (Upper), New York State. Find out about special fishing regulations, which fish species are present and exact locations and types of waterbody access.

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Genesee River About Public Fishing Rights
Genesee River at Graves Road
Description of Fishery Beginning in Pennsylvania, the Genesee River flows northerly entering New York in Allegany County. For over 40 miles it flows through the county, passing through the Villages of Wellsville and Belmont. There is plenty of access with nearly 18 miles of public fishing rights easements, including a 2.5 mile section near Shongo, where only catch and release fishing is permitted. There are accessible fishing platforms located on the river in the Village of Wellsville at Island Park and at the Belmont Dam. The Genesee River is a popular trout destination which is stocked extensively from the Belmont Dam upstream to the Pennsylvania border. Each spring the DEC stocks 20,600 yearling brown trout and 6,200 yearling rainbow trout. In addition to the traditional stocking of yearling trout, the Genesee is also stocked with 2,300 two-year-old brown trout that average 14 inches long.
Public Fishing Rights (PFR’s) are permanent easements purchased by the NYSDEC from willing landowners, giving anglers the right to fish and walk along the bank (usually a 33’ strip on one or both banks of the st... ... Read more

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Brown Trout* - Rainbow Trout* - Smallmouth Bass

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