Fishing at Ischua Creek, New York State

Information about fishing at Ischua Creek, New York State. Find out about special fishing regulations, which fish species are present and exact locations and types of waterbody access.

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Ischua Creek upstream of Farwell Road
Description of Fishery Ischua Creek begins near the Village of Machias in eastern Cattaraugus County, then flows southerly for over 20 miles, eventually joining with Oil Creek at Maplehurst. Over 17 miles of Ischua Creek are stocked with brown trout. The section in and upstream of Franklinville contains some wild brown trout. There are a total of 17.2 miles of public fishing rights easements on Ischua Creek. The wild brown trout population of Ischua Creek is variable in the Franklinville area. Recent DEC surveys estimate the number of adult wild brown trout to be 104 fish per stream mile, however in some years there have been as many as 500 fish per stream mile. In addition, each spring the DEC stocks 4,725 yearling brown trout, 3,325 yearling brook trout and 1,500 two-year-old brown trout from the creek mouth to just upstream of Franklinville. Stocked yearling trout average 9 inches long and stocked two-year-old brown trout average 14 inches long.
Public Fishing Rights (PFR’s) are permanent easements purchased by the NYSDEC from willing landowners, giving anglers the right to fish and walk along the bank (usually a 33’ strip on on... ... Read more

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Brook Trout* - Brown Trout*

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